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DATE OF BIRTH: 28.06.1955



TEACHING EXPERIENCE: i) 37 years at Undergraduate level ii) 4 years at PG level at MSSV, Nagaon

I) Academic writings: Articles/Papers:

i)“ Narrative Strategy in R.K. Narayan’s Grandmother’s Tale.” Re-Markings  4. 1 (2005):97-101.Print.

ii) “Polyphony in R.K.Narayan’s The World of Nagaraj”. Re-Markings 2 (2007):83-88.Print.

iii) “Place and Character in Jahnavi  Barua’s Rebirth”. Re-Markings 6.2 (2007): 100-104. Print.

iv) “ Realism in Mitra Phukan’sn’s The Collector’s Wife. “ Labyrinth4 (2012): 13-17.Print.

v) “Jayanta Mahapatra: A Humanist Par Excellence”. Rock Pebbles1 (2011):181-194. Print.

vi)”Gandhi’s  Presence  in  Anand’s  Novels: A Study of Untouchables and The Sword and the Sickle”. Rock Pebbles XVII.1 (2013):75-80. Print.

vii) “Sambalpur loi Bezbaroa r Abdan” Prakash  October (2013):181-194. Print.

viii) “Katha Ratnakara t Nimnabarga Chetana”. Prakash November (2014): 79-105. Print.

ix) “Andal and Sankaradeva: A Study in Ecoconsciousness” MSSVjournal of Humanities and Social Science. Vol.2.1 (2018):1-6. Print.

II) Articles in Edited Books and Seminar Proceedings:

i)“Jhumpa Lahiri’s Works: A Study in Intergenerational Friction” . Dynamics of Culture and Diaspora in Jhumpa Lihiri.  Ed. Nigamananda Das. New Delhi: Adhyayan:2010. 18-28. Print.ii)“ Mitra Phukan’s  The Collector’s Wife: A Study in Technique” . Matrix of Redemption : Contemporary Multi Ethnic English Literature from the North East India. Ed. Nigamananda Das. New Delhi: Adhyayan:2011.204-218. Print.iii) “Assamese D (d)iaspora: Interrogating and Negotiating the notion”. Assamese Diaspora: An Outlook. Ed. Rupam Hazarika.Guwahati: RGBaruah College, 2011. 52-61.  Print.iv) “Gandhi’s Concepts through Literature: A Study of Selected Novels of Mulk Raj Anand and R.K.Narayan”. Gandhian Concepts: Interrogation and Exploration Ed. Ratnamala Rajkhowa .Nagaon (Assam): Gandhian Study Centre, ADP College, 2012.177-183.  Print.v)”Satire as Chosen Mode of Narration in Some of the  Short Stories of Mamoni Raisom Goswami and Prtibha Ray: A Comparative Study”. Contemporary Women Issues: A Reflection. Ed. Mina Chowdhury. Nagaon: ADP College, 2015.”Globalisation, Ethnic Identity and Karbi People.” Marginalised Identity: An Engagement with Art, Literature, Language and Ethnicity.Eds. Jumuyir Basar, M.C. Behera, Lisa Lomdak. New Delhi: Commonwealth Publishers2012. 204-215.Print. vii) “ identity Confusion in Girish Conrad’s Tughlaq and Postcolonial India”. Indian Drama. Eds. Gitali Saikia, Subhrajyoti Neog. Kolkata: Books Way,2014. 121-125. Print. (Joint Paper) Viii) “A Glimpse into Dr. Bhagaban Maral’s Assamese: Its Origin and Substratum” . Sristir Gati Pragati.Ed. Rajita Kalita. Guwahati: 2014. 350-356. Print.ix)“ Naribad aru Naribadi Sahitya”. Bisoya: Nari. Eds. Ajit Bharali, Rajita kalita. Nagaon: Krantika Prakashan,2011. 204-212. Print.x) “Short Stories of Fakir Mohan Senapati and Lakminath Bezbaroa: A Comparative Study.” Lakshminath Bezbaroa. Eds. Arindam Barlataki, Ajit Bharali. Nagaon: ADP College,2012.364-381.Print. xi) “Baboo Anundarakm Dakeal Phookun’s Representations to  “A.J.Muffatt Mills: A Glimpse into the Process of its Beginning”. Anandaram Dhekial Phookan. Ed.Padmakanta Sarma. Nagaon:  Dr. Sarifuddin Ahmed, 2010.218-227. Print.

xii) “ Katyayani Ekanamsa and Subhadra at Srikhetra” Jnana-Bijnan Bimarsha. Ed. Nabin Ch. Sarma. Guwahati:Asom Bhasa Vigyan,2009. 305-311. Print. xiii) “Sri Jagannath Consciousness and Sankaradeva” . Sankaradeva: Glimpses on His Contributions. Ed. Rinku Bora. Nagaon,Assam: Mahapurusha Srimanta Sankaradeva Viswavidyalaya, 2018.152-165.Print.

III) Paper Presented at Seminars and Conference

i)‘Locale in Jahnavi Baruah’s Rebirth’ North-Eastern Indian Writing in English. UGC sponsored National Seminar, Dept. of English, A.D.P.CollegeNagaon, Assam , 23rd and 24th 2August, 2014.

ii)‘Representation of the Protagonist, in The Collector’s Wife: A Critical Study.” Representation of Women in the English Fiction from Northeast India, UGC sponsored National Semina,. Dept. of English, Hojai College, Hojai, Nagaon, Assam., 9th and 10th May, 2013.

iii)‘Gandhi an Image of his Movement in the Novels of Anand and R.K.Narayan’, Gandhian Concepts: Interrogation and Exploration. UGC sponsored National Seminar, Gandhian Study Centre, A.D.P. College, Nagaon, Assam,28 & 29 June, 2012.

iv) “Aniruddhadev and Bhima Bhoi: Men Behind Divinity”, Lives of Indian Saints and the Claims of Devotion: UGC SAP-DRS Project, Dept. of EFL, Tezpur Univ. Tezpur, India. 15-16 Feb. 2012

v)Presentation & Representation of Society in The Collector’s Wife’, Mode of Representation in Post-Colonial Indian Fictional Writings in English. UGC sponsored National Seminar, Lanka College, Lanka, Nagaon, Assam28 and 29 sept.,2011.

vi)‘R.K.Narayan as a Gandhian Novelist’, Re-thinking Gandhi: Interrogation and Exploration.UGC sponsored National Seminar. A.D.P.College, Nagaon, Assam, 12th Sept.,2011.

vii) “The White Tiger”, Contemporary Commonwealth Literature in English: Concepts, Techniques and Trends. UGC sponsored National Seminar, Dept. of English, Mount  Olive Clollege, Kohima, Nagaland. 27th-29th july, 2011..

viii) “Bhima Bhoi: His Life and Time”, Bhima Bhoi  Sahitya  Akademi with assistance from Asam Sahitya Sabha.30 April-1 may,2011.

ix)” R.K.Narayan’s  ‘The World of Nagaraj’: A Bakhtanian Analysis”,  Mikhail Bakhtin and the Aesthetics of Transgression. English Dept. , Gauhati University, Guwahati. 4,5,6th Jan.,2005.

IV) Resource Person: i) ‘Indian Theory of  Translation’ and ‘ Western Theory  of Translation’ Translation Studies on Selected NE Languages (ID).  Short Term Course ,  ASC, Gauhati Univ. 28.Jan. 2014 ii) ‘The Literary Contribution of  Fakir Mohan Senapati & Lakshminath Bezbaroa: A Comparative Study’ Part 1 & 2,  Comparative Literature. 2nd Refresher Course UGC-ASC; Gauhati Univ. Guwahati. 03 Aug. 2012. iii) Plenary Lecture on “Australian Literature”. Contemporary Commonwealth Literature in English: Concepts, Techniques and Trends. Mount  Olive Clollege, Kohima, Nagaland. 27th-29th july, 2011. iv) Key-note address at UGC sponsored State Level Seminar on “Literature as a Spontaneous Revelation of Culture”. Hatichung College, Nagaon, Assam.28th June,2017.

iv) Attended as Chairperson at national and state level seminars conducted by A.D.P. College, Nowgong college, Nagaon Girls’ College, Rupahi College, Hatichung college, College of Education, Nagaon, etc.

V) Research Projects: Completed three Research Projects: i)Two Minor Research Projects in 2007 and 2009 ii) one Major Research Project on the topic “Jhumpa Lahiri: Her World and Her Art” funded by UGC, New Delhi.

VI) Book Publication: K. Narayan: A Study in Narrative Technique. New Delhi: Adhyayan, 2012.

VII)  Translation: Phulaguri Uprising.  ( Translated from Phulaguri r Dhewa by Benudhar Kalita.). Nagaon: Krantikal Prakashan, 2007.

VIII) Ph.D/ M.Phil Supervision

i)Successfully guided two scholars for Ph.D degree from Singhania University, Rajasthan.

ii) Successfully supervised 23 students for M.Phil degree from Vinayak and Periyar Deemed

iii) Ph.D thesis/ M.Phil Dissertation examiner of Gauhati University, M.I.L department and Nagaland University, English department.

Iv) Currently supervising 08 (eight) scholars under Ph.D Programme at MSSV, Nagaon, Assam.

v) Successfully supervised 01(one) M.Phil student at MSSV, Nagaon,Assam.

IX) Examiner and Board Member:

i) External Examiner for Viva-Voce of Odia PG Diploma at Gauhati

ii)Two times member of UGCCS  at Gauhati Univ., Department of English.

iii) Research Advisory Committee Member at the dept. of Arts and Humanities at NIT, Nagaland.

iiv) Currently member nominated by the Gauhati Univ. to,  the Managing Committee, K.Bora B.Ed. College, Lanka, Nagaon.

iv) Acted as Subject Expert in English for recruitment of teachers in English in Colleges.

v) Editing a National Research Journal Creatcrit (ISSN: 2347-8829)since Jan. 2014 till date.

X) Non-Academic Activities:

Corporate contribution:

i) Coordinator, NAAC, MSSV, Nagaon, Assam b)Acted as Coordinator of NAAC at A .D.P College, Nagaon, Assam and prepared Self Study thus helping the college to get “A” grade.

ii) Served at Dr. B.K.B. College, Puranigudam, Nagaon (Assam)as part-time NCC officer for two and a half years after successfully completing pre-commission course at Officers Training School, Kamptee. d)currently coordinator of NAAC at MSSV, Nagaon.

iii) Life Member, Asam Sahitya Sabha,

iv) Worked for 18 years as local correspondent to The Assam Tribune, a daily news paper published from Guwahati

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