Creatcrit (ISSN:2347-8829), a multilingual (Assamese, Bengali, English), peer-reviewed research journal on Arts and Humanities published in every January and July offers a healthy platform to students, teachers, scholars and researchers to publish their quality articles/papers having research values. The journal has a database collaboration with International Institute o Organized Research (I2OR) having index number 5139 and PIF of 3.565 for the year 2019.



Prof. Achintya Biswas, former VC, GaudBanga Viswabidyalaya, West Bengal.

Prof. Ranjit Kr. Dev Goswami, former Professor, Srimanta Sankardeva Chair and Head, CAS, Tezpur University,Tezpur,Assam.

Prof. J. K. B. Rout, Dept of MIL, Gauhati University,Guwahati,Assam.


Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement


1. Editorial Board


Editor 1 Office / Residential Address
Name Prof. Nityananda Pattanayak  Professor & Head, Dept. of English, Mahapurusha Srimanta Sankaradeva Viswavidyalaya, H. B. Road, Nagaon-Assam, India-782001
Email ID
Mobile 9435537222

(Chief / managing

/Associate /Section)



Editor 2 Office / Residential


Name Dr. Ajit Kumar Singha Asstt. Professor, Dept. of Bengali, A.D.P.College, Haiborgaon, Nagaon, Assam, India-782002
Email ID
Mobile 919435061520
Role of editor Assoc..Editor



Editor 3 Office / Residential


Name Dr. Nigamananda Das  Professor, Dept. of English,

Nagaland University, Kohima Campus, Meriema,Kohima, Nagaland, India. PIN-797004

Email ID
Mobile 919436608904
Role of editor Member


Editor 4 Office / Residential


Name Dr. Bhagabat Nayak Professor, Dept. of English,

Rajiv Gandhi University, Doimukh, Arunachal Pradesh, India-791112

Email ID bhagabatnayak74@gmail. com
Mobile 918787807138
Role of editor Member


Editor 5 Office / Residential


Name Dr. Mithilesh Kumar Sinha Professor, Dept. of Economics, Nagaland University, Zunhebolo, Lumami Campus, Nagaland, India-798627
Email ID
Mobile 917005714637
Role of editor Member


Editor 6 Office / Residential


Name Dr. Sanjay Bhattacharjee Associate Professor, Dept. of Bengali, Gauhati University, Jalukbari, Guwahati, Assam, India-781014
Email ID
Mobile 919508622280
Role of editor Member


Editor 7 Office / Residential


Name Dr. Manik Kar Former Associate Professor, Dept. of Geography, Nowgong College, Nagaon, Assam- India-782001
Email ID
Mobile 919435362702
Role of editor Member



Editor 8 Office / Residential
Name Dr. Panchanan Mishra Former Reader, Dept. of English, Rajendra College Autonomous, Bolangir, Odisha- India
Email ID
Mobile 919861167284
Role of editor Member



Editor 9 Office / Residential
Name Dr. K.K. Bag Asso. Professor, Dept. of Bengali, Presidency University, Kolkata- India
Email ID
Mobile 919434672406
Role of editor Member



Authors and Authors Responsibilities

  1. There is no publication charge. However, an amount of Rs. 1000/- is charged for manuscript processing  after the article/paper is shortlisted.

    All manuscripts are subject to review by experts in the respective area for recommendation.

    The manuscripts must be research oriented, contributing something new to the field of knowledge.

    Authors will be given time for revision on suggested line and, if the reviewer decides again, then another three weeks’ time is given for retractions and correction of mistakes.

    Authors are required to give at the time of submitting manuscripts an undertaking that the manuscript is original and has not been published earlier or presented anywhere in any form for publication.

    Articles/Papers submitted to Creatcrit for publication shall be free from plagiarism, duplication, similarities etc.

    1. Peer-Review Process:

    Authors must mention objective, hypothesis, significance of study and methodology followed in their manuscripts.

    Manuscripts so submitted will go through blind review process.

    Manuscripts submitted and reviewed by experts would be treated confidential.

    Reviewers may ask for additions, deletion and revision of the manuscript.

    1. Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

    Manuscripts submitted for publication in Creatcrit shall go through content similarities detection test.

    Manuscripts found to have more than 10% plagiarized matter will not be considered for publication. Authors will be given chance to make the article free from plagiarism. Zero tolerance will be followed while maintaining ethics and publication standard.

      Reference/work citations must be transparent.

    Authors are encouraged for retracting or making corrections in articles/papers at any point of time; after publication they may apologize for any mistake committed in publication.

    1. Copyright and Access:

    Copyright and Licensing information is reserved with the publisher.

    However, individual authors have copyright and licensing information of their respective articles/papers with them.

    The website of the journal  ( contains full articles/papers published in each issue, maximum for three issues, and abstract for all previous issues.

    Prints are available to authors and readers on request.

    1. Archiving:

    The journal maintains electronic backup apart from preserving hardcopies.

    1. Ownership and Management:

    The journal is owned and published by Creatcrit Forum and its office is situated at Gandhinagar, Laokhowa Road, Haiborgaon, Nagaon, Assam, India-782002.

    1. The website hosts full articles/papers immediately after publication and authors are informed accordingly.

    The journal follows high ethical standards and follows zero tolerance for any malpractice.

    1. Publishing Schedule: The journal is published every January and July.
    2. Full articles/papers for three issues and abstract of all previous issues are available on the website




    Guidelines for Authors



    Creatcrit (ISSN 2347-8829) is a multilingual (Assamese, Bengali, English), peer-reviewed research journal on Arts & Humanities published in January and July every year and  accommodates original and unpublished articles/papers having research values.

    The main text of the article/paper shall not be more than 4000 words, and must include an abstract within 200 words in addition to 5=7 keywords.

    Articles/ Papers must carry objective, hypothesis, significance of study and methodology followed in the article/paper.

    Works cited in the text, notes and references conforming to the style (APA/MLA) as current in respective disciplines must be at the end of the text.

    Authors must provide the name of the topic of the Article/ Paper on the top, and their name, address, email address and contact number at the top right hand corner.

     Articles/Papers in Assamese/Bengali language should be in Ramdhenu/ Geetanjali font while English of Times Roman.

    Name of topic, abstract and keywords of Assamese/Bengali articles/papers shall carry English translation.

    Authors are to give a declaration that the text is original and unpublished one, not sent anywhere in any form for publication or for presentation.

    Authors are to submit a certificate along with article/paper from Urkund/turnitin showing percentage of content similarities or accept plagiarism detection test by the journal.

    Each of the papers received shall go through a process of blind review by the experts in respective area, and only on their recommendation, the same shall be considered for publication.

     Any suggestion for revision of article/paper by the reviewers will be intimated to the respective author in due course.

    Authors will be given time for revision, retraction, correction of mistakes etc., and if need be another three weeks’ time for correction of mistake.

    Authors will be given sufficient scope to apologize for any mistake in the paper published

    Authors must take utmost care to avoid plagiarism and must maintain high ethical and professional standard and research publication ethics.

    Article/paper should be sent via, and mailing address for the hard copy is Dr. A.K.Singha, Dept. of Bengali, A.D.P. College, Haiborgaon, Nagaon, Assam, India. PIN: 782002.

    There is no publication charge. Prints are available on request.

    Processing fee of Rs. 1000/- may be sent to the Publisher, Creatcrit.   Current A/C no.35723804489 SBI, Haibargaon, IFSC-SBIN005462.

    Disclaimer: Views expressed in articles/papers published in this journal are those of respective authors, not of Creatcrit. Neither the Editorial Board nor the Publisher of Creatcrit is responsible for the opinions expressed by the authors in their articles/papers. All disputes regarding the journal will be settled at the Nagaon Court, Assam, India-782001.


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